Teacher, philosopher, healer, nurturer, facilitator – Ross Cook has always valued education and possesses an uncanny ability to help people learn and enact change. He has been a balancing coach for hundreds of people from children, families, world class athletes, educators, students, sales teams to business leaders. He has provided personalized sessions of regular Balancing training and instruction for people wishing to address relationship issues, financial stumblings, health issues and personal growth challenges. Ross’s background in education, athletics, and the corporate culture has significantly aided his journey and growth as a facilitator. 

Raised in a military family in Hawaii, he earned his undergraduate degree in education at the College of Idaho. He turned down an offer to attend Princeton Seminary in order to teach motor perception and movement development to children. Upon earning his Master's degree in education, communication and broadcast from Oregon State University, he coached Division 1 women’s basketball for nine years at Oregon State and the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He developed teams that won two National NWIT Championships, ranked in the Top 25 five years and produced Olympians, WNBA players and All-Americans. 
Years later working and training in corporate America, Ross began examining response behaviors after a serious health scare compelled him to address the stresses in his own life. He became fascinated with the way people’s thoughts and beliefs impact the encodes of their subconscious mind. The patterns, thoughts, and subsequent behaviors each of us carries affect everything from our relationships to our health albeit personally or in a family setting. Techniques Ross learned and developed allowed him to create major change in his own life and has helped literally thousands of others transition to healthier lifestyles and more vital, fulfilling relationships.

Whether training in high level corporate settings, in athletic venues, on health issues or with those committed to personal growth, Ross is able to help people learn to help themselves. By learning to de-stress as they undergo transition and change, his clients experience better performance. His dedication as a change facilitator and his ability to lead individuals, teams and businesses into wellness-based performance provides tremendous benefit to his clients. 

Ross committed full time to Balancing training and instruction nearly 3 decades ago founding the Center for Balance and Effective Communication. He has been helping people make positive changes in their private and professional lives ever since. Ross lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife, Sheila, where they raised their two children, Alex and Megan.