Hot Shot Basketball Coach Kit

Hot Shot Basketball Coach Kit

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Prepare for Victory. Prevent Your Downfalls.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." -Winston Churchill

There are three major factors in what makes for successful game play preparation:
1. Injury Prevention
2. Conditioning Aids
3. User Convenience

When it comes to conditioning your team, the Hot Shots bundle is a slam dunk! Drill cards, soft cones, and training markers are brightly colored and can withstand weather conditions. The included coach necessities can be used for the many championship seasons to come.

A must-have set for any coach of schools, sports teams, at-home practices amateur athletics leagues, and more! Includes drill cards, spot markers, coaching clipboard, floor cones, and coaching/referee whistle. Take your basketball knowledge to the next level! Includes 64 cards with illustrated step-by-step instruction practice drills, archetype workouts, games, and info cards. Hit the court and train with a 5-pack of 7.5" Hot Shots Basketball Training Markers. Create custom shooting drills and fun games in seconds. Assorted colors "Heat Up" from Blue to Red as you count from 5 to 1. Develops shot selection, agility, and good court sense.

Create and erase plays on the fly, be sure to blow the whistle to stop play for instruction time with the clipboard and handy whistle! Helps players visualize plays, spacing, and positioning on the court. 14" x 9" clipboard with strong clasp for holding papers, notes, and markers (markers not included). And you'll receive 12 orange, 2" diameter and stackable plastic disc cones for running agility and skill-based drills.

Why You'll Love It

It's not easy to coach athletics, and many leagues leave it up to you to bring your own supplies to the court. You want to be prepared when players have questions or parents try to challenge your play calls, you'll have plenty to teach with these drills.