Red 9" Collapsible Sport Cones

Red 9" Collapsible Sport Cones

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Right on the Mark!

Improve performance on the field with the perfect training tool for any athlete. These high hat cones measure 9" tall for high visibility across the field or a gym. Unlike traditional cones, they are designed to collapse on impact for maximum safety to prevent injury. Made from a soft and flexible plastic, these cones can be crushed, twisted, and trampled without breaking or cracking. And when practice is over, simply stack them up until you need them next.

Why You'll Love It:

If you coach or play a sport, field markers are a must-have piece of equipment. They're essential for improving agility in athletes of any sport: basketball, football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, track, and more. Their durable yet flexible materials can withstand indoor and outdoor training seasons, so they can be used at a gym or school all year around. You can create multiple drill stations at once, or mark boundary lines to set up a game anywhere.