Set of 10 Dry Erase Cones with Marker

Set of 10 Dry Erase Cones with Marker

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Functional & Versatile!

Perfect for schools, gym classes, and recreation centers, this set of 10 dry erase cones offers utility and versatility! Use them for labeling exercise stations in gym classes or write numbers and math symbols on them for fun, hands-on learning activities. When you're all done or it's time to write something new, marker wipes away clean. For best results, use a moistened paper towel. Measuring 9"" tall and 5.25"" at its base, these cones are standard in size and lightweight enough for easy carrying.

Why You'll Love It:

Who knew there would be so much creative opportunity in a set of plastic cones? The options are endless. Get creative with classroom or physical activities or use them to mark off spills and dangerous areas! Each set includes 10 durable, white plastic dry erase cones and one dry erase marker.