Magnetic Roll-up Clipboard, Basketball

Magnetic Roll-up Clipboard, Basketball

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A Magnetic, Roll-Up Spin on Sport Clipboards

Head to the huddle with a plan in hand, strategize in the locker room, and set plays during timeouts. A coach's clipboard is an indispensable tool for any serious basketball coach. Our magnetic strategy and tactic board makes it easy to pinpoint each key part of a play. You'll find two full teams of five magnets, a red and a blue team, as well as two black multipurpose magnets. The board is vinyl-coated and contains a flexible magnetic sheet interior with a legible green court and white lines for parts of the court.

Lay the board flat, hang it on a wall, strategize, then roll it up until the next timeout. Take the rolled-up board and put it into a gym bag for travel or storage. This board is double-sided, with both a full-size court and zoomed in view of half court side so you can run plays close to the basket or communicate overarching offensive and defensive strategy.

Why You'll Love It:

This is not the ordinary coach's clipboard, you can roll it up and tuck it away after a timeout or halftime. You don't have to erase markings on a board when you want to show the play moving, you can pinpoint each step of a play by moving the magnets around. It reduces wasted moments in the huddle and gives you more time to speak to your team. When you have the ball under your basket and facing a full court press or you're looking for an easy basket in a half court offense, simply flip the board to the needed side and get strategizing.