65cm Blue Exercise Ball with Foot Pump

65cm Blue Exercise Ball with Foot Pump

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Used in rehab medicine for over 30 years, exercise balls are being integrated into home gyms, yoga studios, even the office! These balls promote fitness in a comfortable, low-impact manner perfect for all ages and levels of skill and ability. Add one to your home gym to stretch out a sore lower back. Add one to your yoga and Pilates routines for deeper, more intense flex. Add one to your office desk to establish a healthier posture and develop your core and legs just by sitting! More advanced users can add them to existing workouts. Suddenly, push-ups and sit-ups become much more difficult--and rewarding!

Our exercise balls feature dense, resilient walls that are crafted with high-quality, latex-free materials. Each ball is anti-burst rated up to 2,000lbs. and can withstand over 500lbs. of static weight. The anti-slip material is gently ridged to add superior and secure grip regardless of function and easily cleans with soap and a damp cloth.

Every exercise ball comes with a free foot pump for easy inflation and deflation that won't tax your arms and hands like hand pumps. Simply remove the plastic plug from the ball, insert the needle, and pump! Replace the plug, and you're ready to exercise.

Important! After your first inflation:
Your exercise ball needs time to breathe! This is new material that has never been stretched out before. On your first fill, inflate your ball with as much air as you can. Within 24-48 hours, your ball will feel like it has lost air, but it hasn't. It has gained size! Top your ball off with more air for best performance.