Agility Hurdles with Height Extenders, 6-pack

Agility Hurdles with Height Extenders, 6-pack

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Improve Athletic Performance in Any Sport!

Outstanding footwork is essential for any field sport athlete. Use the agility hurdles to reach peak footwork performance. Made with a durable plastic material, these hurdles can withstand the wide range of weather of conditions that can occur during outdoor practices and training sessions alike. Coming in neon orange, they are highly visible any time of day, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Each hurdle comes with two snap on height extenders, so you can increase intensity levels with four different heights: 6", 9.25", 11.75", and 15". Practice jumping over them at their tallest height and watch your vertical jump improve over night! The hurdles come in a standard size of 45 cm wide.

Why You'll Love It:

Though basic in structure, hurdles are some of the most versatile pieces of training equipment available. Hurdles build power, enhance agility, speed, and coordination, and improve overall athletic performance for athletes of all ages. They are ideal for training athletes in a wide variety of field sports: football, soccer, track and field, lacrosse, field hockey and more. They're a great investment for coaches, school athletic departments, and athletes alike. These hurdles are tough enough to handle the roughness of practices, are collapsible, and light enough to take with you on the road. You can utilize all six to create a variety of drills, or adjust the height them for a more advanced workout.