Agility Hoops Set

Agility Hoops Set

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Agility Essentials

Bring an extra blast of agility to your fitness routine with this set of eleven colorful agility hoops. Whether shaping up your cardio exercise, getting in shape during the football offseason, training for soccer tryouts, preparing to enter the ring to test yourself in boxing, MMA, or other combat sports, or just having some fun by setting up an outdoor obstacle course, this speed ladder will set you up for success. With a sturdy strap connecting each ring to the next, your hoops form a chain that will stay in place as you work out. Test your speed and agility conditioning with a refreshing workout!

Why You'll Love It

The chain formation of these hoops ensures setup is as quick as possible. No need to waste time arranging soccer cones. Simply lay the hoops where you'd like them, and get busy! This workout accessory is easy to transport, thanks to a handy, portable mesh carry bag. Now you can take your gear on the go. Perfect for soccer practice or home exercise. Used in football, basketball, soccer, and other major team sports!