2.5' XL Battle Rope, 40-foot

2.5' XL Battle Rope, 40-foot

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Push your Limits with Large-size Battle Ropes!

No pain, no gain. Nothing worth doing comes easy, so why not bring that mindset to the gym and see some real gains? Our large-size battle ropes maximize intensity and push your limits like never before. Featuring a wider rope with a 2.5" thickness, you'll be sweating hard as you pound the ropes up and down on the gym floor. These battle ropes can be used anywhere: home, office, and workout gyms alike. All you need is enough room space to begin an intense, full body workout. Our ropes are made of wear resistant Poly Dacron, to last for years to come. The rope ends have rubber handles for an enhanced grip and hand protection. Choose from three specific rope lengths: Speed (30'), Endurance (40'), and Strength (50').

Fold your rope in half at an anchor point. Make sure to have enough space for half your rope length, as you bend it in half for use. The longer the length of rope, the more versatile for workout purposes but make sure to purchase the right length for your training space.

Why You'll Love It:

Stand, kneel, sit, and move while doing rope exercises to add difficulty to your training. Go for short bursts of rope swings or swing for extended periods of time to work on endurance. Choose from 3 different rope lengths: 30 feet, 40 feet, and 50 feet long. Each rope serves a specific purpose, if you want a challenging speed workout then go with 30 feet, if you want to you're your endurance then go with 40 feet, and if you want build strength then go with 50 feet. Make an anchor point and move toward and away from the anchor point for different workout intensities.