2' Battle Rope, 50-foot

2' Battle Rope, 50-foot

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High-Intensity Battle Rope Training

Our battle ropes make great strength and cardio training tools, perfect for Crossfit, HIIT, and other popular training programs of today. Battle ropes can be used anywhere: home, office, and workout gyms alike. All you need is enough room space to begin an intense, full body workout. Our ropes are made of wear resistant Poly Dacron, to last for years to come. The rope ends have rubber handles for an enhanced grip and hand protection.

Fold your rope in half at an anchor point. Make sure to have enough space for half your rope length, as you bend it in half for use. The longer the length of rope, the more versatile for workout purposes but make sure to purchase the right length for your training space.

Why You'll Love It:

Stand, kneel, sit, and move while doing rope exercises to add difficulty to your training. Go for short bursts of rope swings or swing for extended periods of time to work on endurance. Choose from 6 different rope length and width combinations. You'll find the large 2" thick and 50 foot long ropes, as well as 1.5" thick and 30 foot ropes for those new to rope training. There are three rope lengths per rope thickness, six options in total. We recommend our shortest rope for beginners and our longer ropes for intermediate to professionals. Make an anchor point and move toward and away from the anchor point for different workout intensities. Choose from several choices of rope width, the thicker the rope, the harder the workout.