4-Way Tug of War Rope

4-Way Tug of War Rope

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Enhance the Competition!

Traditional tug of war is no easy feat, watch what happens when the competition goes four ways! Each set comes with four jute ropes that measure 16.4 feet long, and a steel ring to connect them all in the center. Made from course, strong fibers, you'll have an extra sturdy hold so you don't have to worry about slipping or losing your grip. Each end is finished off with a leather sleeve to keep your rope looking brand new without fraying or unraveling. The center ring is made from solid steel to withstand tugging and puling from any direction, so you can focus on bringing your team to victory. And when the competition is over, simply store the rope in the 15.5" x 14" carrying bag.

Why You'll Love It:

Tug of war is a great team building activity for summer camps, school functions, backyard competitions, community events, office parties, and more. Now you can increase the number of players with a 4-way game. Simply find a level playing surface, put a team together, and get the fun going! Made from jute fibers, these ropes will last you for years to come. Jute is known as the "Golden Fiber" for its versatile nature, making it the obvious choice for our versatile ropes. Use these for more than just a game of war. Try climbing, battling, and tying. Unlike traditional manila ropes, jute is resistant to water and UV damage to withstand any outdoor condition.