5 Genuine Hen Feather Shuttlecocks

5 Genuine Hen Feather Shuttlecocks

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The Golden Age of Gaming

Badminton is a simple game that found its way into the Olympics. If an Olympic athlete likes this game, so will you!For your next BBQ or family reunion, this family favorite will keep the kids off the game console without the worry of potential injuries. Instead of possibly getting hit in the head with a hard ball, it will just be a tap of a dainty birdy! It can even be your escape from answering those same awkward questions at every get-together.

Why You'll Love It

Conveniently packaged in a tube, you can take these with you anywhere. The birdies are made from authentic hen feathers, giving them a graceful flight across the net and easier play for even the newest shuttler.

Each tube comes with 5 birdies, just in case a few decide to fly away.