Vintage Leather Novelty Football Helmet

Vintage Leather Novelty Football Helmet

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The game of professional football has been an American tradition since the 1920's and has persisted to become the most popular sport in the country. Millions of people tune in every Saturday and Sunday during the Fall to watch their favorite teams play but the game has changed a lot since its formative years. Now you can pay homage to the early days of the game with this Authentic Vintage Leather Football Helmet from Crown Sporting Goods. This helmet is styled similarly to the helmets used from the 20's to the early 60's that were worn by legends like Bart Starr, Red Grange, and Johnny Unitas. This helmet makes an excellent display piece for the nostalgic fan of old-school gridiron.


This helmet is made from genuine leather and features a stylized stripe pattern sprouting from the top of the dome to replicate the look and feel of early football helmets.