4-Tier Medicine Ball Storage Rack

4-Tier Medicine Ball Storage Rack

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Organize Your Workout!

Keep your medicine balls organized and off the ground. This 4-tier vertical rack holds up to 4 medium-sized medicine balls at a time. Its incline and open design can store any style medicine ball without rolling away or falling off, making them easy to grab and store away in between workouts. The solid white stand is made from powder coated steel to handle the weight of your medicine balls. It adds a professional look to your home, gym, school, or training center.

Why You'll Love It:

This storage rack will help you stay organized with one of the most classic fitness tools. Medicine balls are a great addition to any workout, and using multiple weights creates a variety of exercises to perform. Lifting your weights from the elevation of the rack instead of the floor can prevent lower back injuries and clear a safe walking path for you and others to avoid tripping on weights lying on the ground. Additional parts and pieces won't be needed to get your rack ready for the gym. It comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions to help you put it together.