Royal Red Rugby Match Ball

Royal Red Rugby Match Ball

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The game of Rugby is one of the most time honored sporting traditions since its inception in early 19th century England. The game has evolved to become the second most popular sport in the world with nearly 4 billion people tuning in to watch the 2011 World Cup matches. The sport has gained more popularity in the United States with club leagues running nationwide in communities and college campuses. Now you can honor and celebrate this beautiful sport with this Royal Red Match Ball from Crown Sporting Goods. The Red and Yellow design evokes the most feared rugby team in the world and illustrates a crescent and teardrop pattern. Your opponents will know you mean business when you bring this ball to the match!


Our balls are made from durable rubber material and hand stitched so every ball has had appropriate attention to detail given to it. The gripped surface ensures you'll hang on to the ball in a scrum and be able to toss with maximum accuracy. Our match ball is capable of holding up to 10 PSI and will retain its inflation no matter how rough your game gets out there.