EVA Kickboard, Blue

EVA Kickboard, Blue

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Wanting to learn or teach swimming? Then this EVA Kickboard from Crown Sporting Goods is for you! Kickboards are a fantastic way to learn the basics of swimming whether you're a kid or an adult. Simply hold on to the sides of the board, or inside the two handles near the top, and kick to propel yourself forward. You can also tuck the board to your chest and practice floating face up in the pool while kicking, it's a great way to learn the backstroke! You can also practice waist and leg movement by holding the top of the board and keeping your head above the water. Whether you have kids learning how to swim or you're an adult looking to tread water for the first time, this is the kickboard for you!

Why You'll Love It

This Crown Sporting Goods Product is made from phthalate and formaldehyde free EVA foam so it's safe for adults and kids alike. The firm construction of the board allows for people of all shapes and sizes and the edges are able to be grasped with ease.